18 Aug 2003


18 Aug 2003

Arg! Ahoy there! You landlubbers sure don’t deserve anything! But as a treat before I keelhaul the lot of ya, here’s a final treat: MP3s! Malay ones! Lots of them! Not to forget super-gelek movies of Inul Daratista! Heh heh, to be seen not heard, this one.

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  1. Hemlocke August 21st, 2003 1:33AM

    Inul? Watched her when I was in Pontianak and man, if what she does is called erotic, then men over there have really low standards. Random hip wiggling is all there is to her. I mean, it REALLY isn’t a turn on is all. But then, I’m female. Heh. :>

    If you really want to see somebody who can shake her booty, Shakira is it. ^^

  2. myuu August 21st, 2003 9:10AM

    true true. i’d have to agree that the std of the entertainment she puts out is pasar malam lvl, but all the guys there seem to like it. but it’s also quite interesting to see how the goyang nyebur and goyang gerudi looks like. šŸ˜›


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