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holy fucktard, batman!

I just realised my driver’s license expired in August. >_<  I knew there was something I overlooked at the time. Wish they’d have some sort of reminder system.

c’mon nokia~

I’m starting to wonder when Nokia will stop messing around and start making phones that are more sensible in terms of features and stylish in terms of looks. I mean, just look at Sony Ericsson’s K850i! It’s gorgeous, with a 5mp camera to boot! ~drool~ So far the only Nokia phone I’m eyeing is the 6300, and even that’s halfhearted.

busker’s carnival

i forgot to add.. we went looking for the busker’s carnival after the choc buffet, but we got confused by the fact that they had 2 venues: 1 for the actual carnival at the asian heritage row, and another for the party at the beach club. i should’ve thought to research the event first rather than thinking that our guests know exactly where’s what. oh well, lack of insight on my part.

now all we need is a driving khairil so that we can ferry more people around.