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For Your Spice Rack: Grillkrydda

I wanted to make some Swedish Meatballs for the family, which called for this Swedish grill spice mix. This recipe makes a small batch, slightly over two tablespoons, with the inclusion of rosemary suitable for chicken dishes. Omit the rosemary if you’d like your spice mix to be more generic.

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Make Your Own: Italian Seasoning

We sometimes need Italian Seasoning for our pastas and such, so if you don’t happen to have any on hand, you can always make a batch of your own using herbs and spices you might already have in your pantry.

This recipe is based on Emeril’s Italian Essence recipe, and used when making Sausage Meatballs with Gravy. As with any spice mix containing onion or garlic powder, which does not keep well at room temperature in this hot, humid Malaysian weather, I always keep this spice mix in the freezer. This should keep it from masuk angin and clumping up.

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For Your Spice Rack: Eman’s Saudi Spice Mix

I’ve been meaning to try out Eman’s kabuli rice recipe for a while now, but that dish requires Saudi spice or baharat, which I didn’t have on hand nor can easily get at stores.  Finally got around to making it over the New Year’s Day long weekend.

I only toasted the spices for about 5 minutes, because I noticed my cumin seeds were getting really brown.  I wonder if it would be better if I toasted it for a full 10 minutes as suggested.  My spices were a bit lumpy after grinding, and I wonder if it was because I didn’t dry the grinder jar well enough, or if it was because there was still some moisture in the spices.  In any case, I stored this in my freezer to make sure it keeps longer.

Can’t wait to try out the kabuli rice.

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For Your Spice Rack: Meghazlia Spice Mix

It took me a while to finally make Eman’s Lamb Meghazlia, mainly because I needed to mix the meghazlia spice mix myself.  Since I have some lamb in the freezer I really needed to get rid of, I set aside some time today to make this spice mix.

What took me a while to figure out was the “besbasa Indian” listed in Eman’s ingredients list.  After some research I thought what she was asking for was bisbas, a spicy Yemeni spice mix, and that was what I used to make my current batch of meghazlia.  While sitting around researching this spice a bit more, I realized that besbasa was another name for mace.  So my meghazlia spice mix is most probably going to be quite different from Eman’s.  Sigh.  Anyway, I’ve noted down both my version and Eman’s version, for my future reference.

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For Your Spice Rack: Taco Seasoning

I mixed this a while back, so I don’t have pictures, but this is the taco seasoning I used in the Taco Salad I made recently.  You can always find the ready-made ones in grocers, but if you have the ingredients on hand, why not $ave$ome$ and make your own 🙂

To make enough just for the taco salad, use half the following recipe, based on the recipe by AllRecipes.

I usually keep my spice mixes in the freezer, especially the ones containing garlic or onion powder.  This humid Malaysian weather always makes my spice mixes all clumpy and gross.

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For your spice rack: Mandy spice mix

Am trying out Chef Ammar’s Lamb Mandy with Rice tonight, but I didn’t buy his Mandy Spice Mix when I got his Bukhari and Kabsah spice mixes the other day, so I had to make my own.  I found a few seemingly highly rated recipes online, and scaled it up to make 1 cup, with a few tweaks here and there.

Can’t wait to start cooking!

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For Your Spice Rack: Baby Bam

I’m trying out Emeril’s Perfect Roast Chicken today, which requires this Baby Bam spice mix.  Looks like this spice mix is used in quite a few more tasty looking recipes I wanted to try, so I decided it was worth the trouble to make a batch.  The only spice I didn’t have on hand was the celery salt, but I actually happened to have the ingredients required to make my own, so I did just that.  You can probably find celery salt in grocers such as Village Grocer, B.I.G., etc., but you can just simply substitute, since the amount needed is just too small to merit buying an entire bottle.

Recipe by Emeril Lagasse.

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For Your Spice Rack: Seasoned Salt

Ree’s Chicken Spaghetti called for seasoned salt, which I now know is not the same as regular salt or Ajinomoto.  Lol.  Seems like in the States one can get these pre-made in a bottle, but I really didn’t feel like going out to some high-end grocer to buy something that may cost me something like RM15 or more just to use 1 teaspoon of it in a recipe I’m not sure I’ll be repeating, and this is assuming I can even find it here in KL.  So I searched around on the Internet and found an MSG-free copycat recipe.  Yay!

Based on the recipe I found here.

Updated on 24 Feb 2018 with new pictures.

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