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Ramadan Cooking: Shorbat el Ads (Middle Eastern Lentil Soup)

Ramadan mubarak, everyone!  Because of the fasting month, we get to leave work an hour early, and this has given me the opportunity to be home early enough to make something for buka puasa.

When Mummy went for her umrah earlier this year, the place she was staying at served a nice lentil soup that she liked very much.  I figured it’d be nice to make her something that she likes, and despite not having much to go by in terms of description (“It’s a nice smooth puree.”), I searched around for possible recipes.  I needed something simple enough which uses fairly common ingredients, so I decided on this highly rated one on BBC Good Food.

This took me two tries to get right.  My first time making this, I halved the recipe but otherwise followed it as written.  While the flavor was very nice, the lentils weren’t tender enough despite the recipe’s reassurance that no pre-soaking was necessary.  I made this again the next day, this time soaking the lentils beforehand and then cooking it using my Philips electric pressure cooker.  The results were wonderful, and Mummy cleaned her bowl with her bread.

Update: Be sure to take your time to sautee the onions.  They should be nicely browned and caramelized after 5 minutes.  Makes a huge difference to the flavor!

A delicious, hearty soup which can be a meal of its own, and very authentic, as verified by my mom.  Give it a try!

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GobbleFest 2015: Creamy Cauliflower and Bacon Soup

One must have soup as a starter for any dinner party (well, mine at least), and this recipe by SeriousEats caught my eye.  Not only were we able to fulfil our veg quota for the night (together with the stuffing), the garnishing that came with this hearty soup was also great for kicking up our mashed potatoes.  And yes, this was absolutely delicious and was the first dish to run out.  I served this with home-made white bread.

One thing to note is, unlike conventional bacon which apparently renders tons of fat when cooked, beef bacon (or breakfast beef, oh ye sensitive ones) is too lean and renders virtually nothing if cooked without adding any fat.  So I added a generous amount of olive oil in hopes it will absorb enough flavour from the bacon to give the soup its smoky taste.

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Project: RayaFest 2014 – French Onion Soup

So I finally had the time to browse through the book, “Bill’s Basics” by Bill Granger (thanks Cornelius!), and boy, so many recipes I can’t wait to try out!  Most of the recipes looked fairly simple, and I finally landed on this delicious looking French Onion Soup recipe.

I made this for a group over the weekend, so I doubled the recipe below.  Because of the large amount of onions it took a bit longer to caramelize, about 1 1/2 hours.  I was also kinda worried about not being able to make “good” French Onion Soup because of the lack of white wine and brandy, but I think all in all it was quite good, and my guests enjoyed it.  Do give it a try!

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