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cooling down

One thing good abt the puasa month is that you just can’t stay pissed for long. Besides, I think I’ve bashed myself up enough already. And yeah, cursing Murphy and his law doesn’t really help me either.

Life without Phoenix has been interesting. A lil boring, but interesting nonetheless. Finding myself in the living room much more often, on my sister’s old notebook sitting on the dining table. Strategically placed such that I can see whatever’s going on in the room and easily make comment on any funny thing that can happen. Although lately, the receiving end seems to be me, what with my slapstick antics before imsak. @_@

Doesn’t help that we’ve unsubscribed to Astro’s Variety package. Channel selection would usually be on AXN. And even that is usually short lived, as my mom has veto power over the TV set. I admit, Korean dramas can be very nice. But no, not going to sit down there and watch all of them.

Thankfully, I’ve received a care package from Fai-chan. X, Perfect Blue, Cinta, and the Ringu novel. Am now about 1/3 through the book, and it’s been very engrossing. Even having watched all the movies, reading this really gives some added perspective and insights into the characters’ feelings… especially their fears. Except Ryuji of course.. he’s just mad. Was actually planning to watch Cinta with my mom, but I surprised that she declined with the reason being it was too soppy. In fact, her reaction was very amusing. Imagine a contorted face with the exclamation “bleah!” Guess I’ll layan it myself.

Speaking of Fai-chan, we had dinner at Prime right before puasa started. The food was absolutely divine, and the ambiance totally immersive. I had the Black Angus filet mignon, medium rare; she had the Argentinian filet mignon, medium well. Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuicy! But I’ve to admit, there’s only so much rare meat you can take in a sitting… medium would’ve probably hit the spot a bit more. We had clam chowder as an appetizer and that too was fantastic! Totally beats down the stuff you can find in San Francisco. We were also quite captivated with the presentation of things. The salt shaker, especially, were given honorable mentions. 😛

So we spent most of the evening talking about stuff. Work, our families, our expectations in life. Sharing anime jokes. Poking fun at each other. I really love her company. You’ll never see me talk so much, or listen intently to any other conversation. Tis great to actually find someone in your life with so many similar interests. On the other hand, I’m not much of a conversationalist, so I guess I’ll have to work on that somewhat.

That’s it for now. I’m going to go take advantage of the pre-dawn darkness, and get cuddly with Sadako.

kazakhstan, number one!

Borat. 😛 nuff said.

Fish has the rest of Belgariad and Malloreon! he just needs to get em from another friend of ours. 🙂 read a few pages before dinner at borders the curve while my bro was having his haircut. easy reading. 🙂

cuzzie left me a copy of Lady Friday, gonna start on that on my trip to Temerloh on monday. won’t be staying over since it’s only a 2 hr drive away, but a trip’s a trip. hopefully i’ll get to savor ikan patin masak tempoyak or sambal tempoyak. 😀

world without warcraft


cuzzies and relatives visited from Singapore, and we had fun with the limited time we had. loitered around in the morning having breakfast, reading, and chatting before they had to leave for a wedding. spent some time then doing SFK. at night we younglings spread our wings and flew to The Curve for good overordered food and shopping. got myself a book for my upcoming roadshow. the rosti at Marche is good as usual, but the beef pepperoni sausages were a bit too much. sauteed mushrooms also ftw.

Star Movies

traveling day. could only spend the morning with my relatives and cute cuddly niece. by 12.30 Sue picked me up to go to the office, and then to Haz’s housewarming in Puchong. she had hired our usual office caterers, Asyura; they make a mean briyani. there were also sweet butterfly-decorated cupcakes, and moist choc cake. and those prawn crisps junk food we used to eat when we were young. 🙂

after eating we headed on to Muar for the first day of the roadshow on Monday. the group was feeling too lazy to go out and look for Mee Bandung, so we just had Kak Ita’s leftover mee goreng that her mom had made. i was planning to read the books i brought but there were good shows on tube, e.g. the original Poseidon, and National Treasure. oh, and we stayed at the Classic Hotel. rooms were great since they were recently refurbished.

The Giver
Academy Awards

started reading The Giver, which i found resting on a bookshelf at home. i’d always wanted to buy this, but i guess i don’t have to now. 🙂 by this time, we were already in Melaka, staying at this old hotel called Emperor. it’s so old, the elevator buttons reminded me of the ones you might see in black and white movies. creepy place.

there wasn’t much on TV too, except for the Academy Awards. NTV7 did a great injustice to viewers by mutilating the show. what’s the point of watching if you can’t catch the presenters’ jokes and the performances lined up in between? argh. luckily we got a somewhat-stable tranmission of Singapore’s channel 5. but they only started at 10pm, and we were really sleepy by the time they got to best actress in a leading role.

at least i finished the book. hate these kind of endings.

Discovery Channel
Belgariad: Pawn of Prophecy

we’re in PD now, staying at our company condo. nice place, well maintained. has a nice pool, and it’s right next to the beach. but no, none of us got ourselves wet, except for Sue on Sunday morning. i might be imagining it, but the PD beaches seem a little cleaner than before.

wasn’t much on TV except a special on volcanoes on Discovery. HBO was showing crappy old movies. so it was back to reading. finished the 1st book of the Belgariad, which i bought on saturday. it didn’t have an ending, so i guess i’ll have to get the other 4 books. 😛


i’m hoping to WoW a lot today. 😛


finished reading book 3 and 4 of darren shan’s demonata series: slawter and bec. both pretty much unrelated to each other, but good reading nonetheless. can’t wait for book 5. :