October 2015

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Office Potluck: Lasagne

A few of my colleagues will be moving out from my floor to a different building, so we decided to throw a farewell potluck of sorts (an excuse to eat good food is always welcome), and one of them was craving lasagne.  Since it has been quite a while since I made it, I decided to oblige.  This version is far less tedious and much much cheaper to make compared to Emeril’s Manly Man Lasagne, yet is just as tasty.  Definitely my go-to recipe from now on.

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Weekend Cooking: Creamy Smoked Chicken Pie

I went grocery shopping today, and was planning to just make some dumpling soup for dinner tonight.  Then I saw that they were clearing out their stock of smoked chicken at half price, so I did a quick search online for recipe ideas, and landed on this one.  I tweaked the recipe with what I had on hand and added a few additional ingredients to make it heartier, and the result was delicious.  I’ll definitely be packing this for lunch tomorrow.

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