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Potluck: Tuna Tetrazzini

This dish was one of the earliest recipes I’ve tried making, when I first starting cooking for fun.  I basically stuck to one chef on Food Network – Emeril Lagasse – and generally his dishes turn out great.  I started bringing his dishes to office potlucks, and they never disappoint.

This tuna tetrazzini is super comforting and not too expensive to make, and is the perfect size for potlucks.   I’ve modified it a bit, using easier-to-find ingredients and making it more budget friendly.  Give it a try!

Updated Nov 26, 2017 with new pictures.

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Weekend Cooking: Roasted Turkey Legs

So a few frozen turkey legs mysteriously ended up in my shopping cart at Tesco, so I decided to make something a little different for dinner tonight.  The drumsticks were a rather big, so they took a bit longer to cook than I had originally planned.  All in all they turned out quite tasty; the brine worked really well in my opinion.  Reserve the juices for drizzling over the meat, or for dipping your bread in!

Based on the recipe by Ree Drummond.

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