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Weekend Cooking: Kak’mbang’s Chicken Rice

Others may have their own personal preferences, but Rudy and I both agree that Kak’mbang’s chicken rice is really, really good.  This was another recipe that simply must be preserved for generations to come, but again I’ve always had trouble catching her in action (she’s such a ninja in the kitchen; dishes just magically appear and you usually never get to see the entire cooking process).

Here it is, finally, in its entirety.  The chicken broth pretty much forms the base of all the other components of this dish, so take your time with it and get it right.  She used to finish cooking the chicken in the oven, but now the air fryer is a wonderful and much quicker alternative.  I was also blown away to find out that she used lada keropok lekor in her chili salsa, so if you happened to have some extra tucked away in your fridge, don’t forget to use it.  A must try!

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