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Weekend Cooking: Pressure Cooker Chicken & Chickpea Masala


The chickpeas really added a rich, wholesome flavor to the broth.

I’m really liking the Philips electric pressure cooker I bought recently, and I’d really like for it to not be a white elephant, like what almost happened to my air fryer (glad it didn’t, though!).  So I looked around for easy pressure cooker recipes that don’t involve unusual/expensive ingredients or require too much work.  This recipe based on the one by SeriousEats was my first shot at Northern Indian cuisine, and was yummy.

The recipe did turn out a little watery and took a while to reduce, so I might reduce the amount of spinach next time and see if that resolves the issue.  I also wonder if I put in too much lemon juice, so I’ll be adjusting that as well.  Definitely something I’d make again. Yums!

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