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Weekend Cooking: Grilled Citrus and Herb Shrimp

Recently Rudy got more giant shrimp from Daphne, and I wanted to prepare it in a way that will do justice to this rare (and rather pricey) ingredient.  I took this lovely recipe by Emeril and modified it using herbs from Mummy’s garden.  Try it out yourself with your own mix of herbs, but this recipe does not disappoint.

It was also an opportunity for me to try out the awesome new Breville grill we got from last year’s Maybank Treatsfair.  It grilled the shrimp to perfection, and yet was so simple to use.  I can’t wait to try out more recipes on it!

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Weekend Cooking: Mak Long’s Baked Macaroni (Makaroni Bakar)

I usually make my casseroles truly “Western-style” – full of ground meats, dried herbs like oregano, thyme and parsley, and a lot of cheese.  A while back Kak’mbang asked me to try making baked macaroni casserole “Malay-style,” which uses common local spices and eggs as the primary binding agent.  Every now and then I’d surf the net for recipe ideas, but nothing really caught my fancy.  In fact, honestly I disliked many of the ones I’ve tried before.  Either the spices were overpowering, or folks would add really strange stuff like chili sauce and mayo to the casserole.  Nnno.

Last year, a week before Aidilfitri celebrations we visited Mak Long (Rudy’s aunt) for buka puasa.  She made her legendary nasi ulam, which was amazing and desperately needs to be immortalized in these pages at some point…

…but I digress.  After a huge meal for breaking fast, while beaching myself like a whale on the couch I browsed through Mak Long’s cookbooks, and chanced upon her handwritten cookbook.  This was her own personal collection of recipes tried and tested through years of experience in the kitchen.  I immediately tossed the other books aside and began flipping through the pages.  So many recipes looked interesting, and I snapped as many photos of these pages using my phone.  This baked macaroni casserole was one of the recipes I captured.

Mak Long did not disappoint.  This casserole is full of yummy meat and vegetables, and uses just the right balance of cheese and egg so that it’s not too rich.  My family devoured it.  A wonderful one-pot meal, perfect for potlucks or to be made-ahead for weeknight dinners.   Do give it a try and enjoy!

Thanks Mak Long!

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Weekend Cooking: Shrimp Scampi Pasta

Many of my favorite pasta dishes are oil-based, one of them being the Shrimp Scampi pasta at Tony Roma’s.  I used to order it very often whenever I’m there, but during my last few trips I felt rather disappointed by the dish.  Theoretically the dish doesn’t seem too difficult to make, so I decided to try it myself.  This recipe was based on the one by Tyler Florence, which was getting good reviews.

For my first try, I used diluted apple cider vinegar as a substitute for the white wine called for in Tyler’s recipe, but found the vinegar smell quite strong and unappetizing.  I also felt that the pasta did not quite absorb the lovely sweetness of the shrimp.  I’ve modified this recipe as notes for my next attempt at making this, and I hope this will get me closer to attaining that perfect pasta dish I love.

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