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Weekend Cooking: Eman’s Lamb Bukhari with Rice

Last weekend I picked up some decent-looking lamb cubes from Tesco, and decided to use it immediately for dinner that night.  I didn’t want to make something too complicated, because I was just so exhausted by the many things that were going on both at home and at work.  Since Saudi Food Eman is my current go-to for yummy recipes, I naturally looked through her channel for ideas.

This lamb bukhari recipe doesn’t use many fancy spices; just cumin and rock salt.  What I found super elegant about this recipe is that it is all about building layers of natural flavor from the ingredients.  So take your time, caramelize those onions, simmer the lamb until the oil separates.  The result is a beautifully fluffy bukhari which is simply delicious.

Based on Eman’s recipe here.  I used more lamb and a bit more salt in mine, and added more precise measurements for the ingredients.  Enjoy!

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