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Bayou Chicken Pasta

Over the weekend I had a group of 10 come over for pot roast, and I was worried we wouldn’t have enough starch as a “filler” dish, so at the very last minute I decided to throw in another pasta dish to the menu.  I decided on this simple but incredibly delicious pasta, modified from the recipe by Emeril Lagasse. I’ve made this for many office potlucks and Hari Raya do’s with a very high chance of  “yum!” ratings by guests.  Do check it out!

Update: I now use chicken thighs instead of breast meat, for juicier and more flavorful results. To ease your grocery shopping, instead of having to measure out the cream, simply get two 200 ml cartons for use in this dish. If you don’t want the trouble of making your own Essence spice mix (it is very much worth it though) you can also use store-bought Creole or Cajun spice mix.

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