March 2004

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a post…

after a few weeks… of insufficient memory.

now it’s fixed…. at a cost of seventy.

all i need now… is some love, tenderly.

and maybe some time off work too.

~ooh palmolive~

Azuan’s so cool. So great~

And Fish, my mom wants to know what you do and eat to make your complexion soooo fair and rosy. 😀

And I’m a tired rat.

The fate of #Bangsar.NET

Heya visitors of,

Bet you just surfed in here expecting something else. No, nothing fancy, just the statistical information of the #Bangsar IRC channel.

Needless to say, your answers are here. Actually, you can just look down to see my previous post.

Hopefully the FBI will give us back Cleopatra and Aeris soon.

As to any new plans for #Bangsar.NET… no, none really.

Well now…

I’m just really too exasperated to eloquently describe the feelings I’m experiencing right now.

Basically, two weekends ago, the FBI decided to raid our colocator, Foonet/CIT, and take away everything that was in there, including my very own VM machine.

With that, all my websites, my blog, #Bangsar.NET, etc., was practically unavailable for 2 weeks. Some are still down, while others, like, only retains a shred of their former glory.

Finding a new service provider was tough, but reconfiguring the entire server from scratch was worse. Sure, we had backups, but the FBI decided to take that too. I’ve lost hours of sleep and some of my sanity. The only thing that drives me is the fact I’m trying some new features instead of just copying the old.

As of a few hours ago, I managed to get everything back up and running. We’ve got some DNS issues with the new provider, but other than that everything seems ok. My main concern was getting the webhosting clients up, because I knew them personally. As for the shell users and bots and vhosts, I’ll let Grimmie (business partner) handle that.

On to other news. I downloaded this chat software called SKYPE which lets me make internet phone calls for free. T’was recommended by a friend who’s in LA right now, so I had a good few hours chat with him. I’m glad he’s around, pointing out some problems with the server while I was setting it up. But then again, he IS a customer. 😛 My skype username is myuubie. Let’s chat!

Also downloading FMA 20-21. Good stuff. And I can’t wait for therapy tonight.. It’s been a hard fortnight.