April 2004

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across the causeway

actually, it’s more like across the second link.

gonna visit our dear cuzzies, yay!

lessee… camera, cd spindle… looks like i’m set.

oh what’s that? clothes?


read 6 volumes of chobits.

last 2 volumes are raw.

time to relearn my jap?

time… don’t have much of that.

spare time = manga


milk crown, milk crown h, and milk crown lovers,
king of thorns,
heaven’s door,

and sorry hemlocke-chan… maxis doesn’t let me sms you somehow. :

once upon a time…

… there was a monster with no name.

this monster has escaped its manga pages, and has entered the tv realm.

lotsa good stuff getting animized lately. wonder when they’re gonna do 20th century boys…


been working 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the past month and a half.

anyone care to give me a 5-digit salary?

bomb a head. returns.

you heard that right. m. c. a. t. feat. da pump. 1st theme song for the new tenjou tenge anime. not as brutal as the manga, but it works.

mad driving skillz

wanna know how hard it is to drive around with a lock still stuck onto your steering wheel?

ask my sister.


let’s play mahjong! 😀

other things i’ve discovered in my lil spare time:

amuro namie’s chase the chance and never end.
ushi’s air gear chapter 5 extended edition!