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Where have all the good manga gone?

This sucks. Lots of good anime/manga have been licensed. Generally, that’s not bad. But when you take into consideration companies like Viz, it’d better just to leave it to the fans.

Nowadays, I come online… and find I’ve nothing to do. My only activity would be to check #k-manga and look for latest chaps of Change Guy, but that’s pretty much it. Other great manga groups like SC and Omanga and MangaScreeener release awesome stuff, but not very regularly.

I’ve also stopped going to AnimeSuki since FMA got licensed. 🙁 No sight of any new Initial D 4th Stage eps either.

Anyways, I watched Shrek 2 last night. It was excellent! The best! Wanna watch it again! With her…

She… i know it can’t be. But I still can’t stop. Mind in turmoil. Unable to sleep.
Her steps I hear. Her laughs I’m distracted by. It can’t be.

Know the feeling? 😛


Splurged 600 ringgit on a WiFi set yesterday. This takes away 1 notebook from the living room so far. Now with only 1 USB adapter remaining, which should I bring back to the study? The bigass Windows machine, or the rather unused FreeBSD one?

Hmm.. Never tried installing a WiFi card on BSD before. Wait a sec. I forget I’ve without the time to learn. 😛

That being said, looks like these two boxes aren’t going anywhere.

More things to splurge on:
– a new DECT phone to replace the GigaRange.
– a new DSL modem to replace the no-longer-supported 900E(B). *Toot* those Aztech bastards!


If I recall correctly, used to have a PageRank of 5..

It’s now 2 spots down. Bah.. that’s the reward you get for overworking.

New layout? No time. New CMS? No time.

Got 2 new credit cards in the mail. *rolls eyes* Don’t think I even have the time to spend.

Cool funky smartchips though.

1000 no Kotoba – Koda Kumi
Umi to Tsuki no Hikari – New man co.,Ltd. (??)
UNDO – Cool Joke
Blast My Desire – Move


not often do you get flagged down the road by someone seemingly in need of help.

natural reaction: lock doors.

first thought: listen. then drive away.

conscience: make a few illegal u-turns and help the guy out.

result: still don’t know if i’ve earned good points or simply cheated out of 5 bucks.

suddenly i wonder if i spelt conscience correctly…

food at sek yuen gewd. 3-player mahjong gewd too.

no more~

tis the last day of the holiday break. altho i’m supposed to be unofficially in the office by yesterday, laziness set in.

in the final hours of light, i managed to

read more manga (arigatou v1, hiatari ryoukou)
watch movies (kill bill, fatt choi spirit!)
watch anime (fma ep30, gantz ep3, tenjou tenge ep4)


can’t wait for london in june..

free time

a 4-day weekend lets you

finish reading all of monster.
read national quiz up to ch 15.
read all 10 vols. of living game (really loved this one).
read the 1st 5 vols. of tokyo crazy paradise.
read change guy up to ch 154.
get into new manga like deadman.
burn stuff for my dear cuzzies (FMA!).
spend time with visiting relatives, & go to a wedding. 😀

and still 1 1/2 days to go. whee~