18 May 2005

no sleep, more happy

18 May 2005

meetings can be unexpectedly refreshing early in the morning. especially when things went quiet well. so well that the sleepless state i was in last night seemed nothing.

was even tempted to post an entry at 4.30am.

thinking back, there could be a few reasons why i couldn’t sleep last night:

1 – work. was somewhat agitated about this morning’s meeting. guess i didn’t have to worry after all.

2 – the golem’s eye. the second book of the bartimaeus trilogy. i was at the climax. didn’t want it to end. so ended up finishing the book anyhows. 😛

3 – bratja (brothers). a very emotionally charged song from the full metal alchemist OST. it had its full effect when played during the FMA recollections episode, and just playing it back on winamp brings back some lingering sadness.

think the main reason was 3, which was used as an excuse to finish up 2. 😛

anyway, somehow, i still managed to wake up and get to work on time, in a somewhat dazy mood. sat in my cubicle, added some last minute touches to my presentation slides. then came morning talk. guess i didn’t mention this before: the project managers made it a point to have some sort of morning gathering every wednesday. to keep us close and informed as a team, i guess.

man, i just wanna get close to the chicks.

anyway, this morning one of the consultants just got back from NZ, and he even gave us a slideshow picture presentation. needless to say, 2 weeks of pics were a lot. and the slideshow timer didn’t help either.

one interesting comment was made, which i somehow related to Merv, but i forget. oh well.

also, looks like i won’t be seeing kylie next month, due to her illness. talk about bad timing.

i do hope she gets well soon. and not only due to mainly masculine reasons.

*same day edit*
i wanted to put in a link for the fma reflections torrent, but i can’t seem to find nanashi-fansub’s bt site. oh well, you’ll just have to go to their irc channel.

also, i forgot to mention that i have a new assistant/subordinate now. she’s way older than me though, so i feel it’s a bit weird, and somehow self-imposedly challenging (paranoia at work). not really my first time having a team to command either, but this is different. gotta play my cards correctly, otherwise many emotionally charged situations may arise. and i’m not good with those.

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  1. Merv May 18th, 2005 7:42PM

    New subordinate who’s older? Altogether now…. “O L”.

  2. t May 21st, 2005 11:42PM

    in porto, portugal. just wanted to say hi!

  3. myuu May 22nd, 2005 12:37AM

    so nice! 😀


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