August 2005

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now on movable type 3.2. yay.

the interface seems a bit more.. cute, with its lil icons. haven’t really taken a look at the new feature to truly enjoy it. there are some quirks tho.. somehow the layout doesn’t come out right. and it’s VERY firefox unfriendly.

at least my site is still in one piece.

i was planning to put a full shift-jis title for this post (junbi ok desu! @ preparations complete!) but i just remembered that i don’t have any proper Japanese IME (input-something-something) installed. on my previous install, i had MS Office XP Pro installed, so I could just use the IME that came with that. but now that i’m using OpenOffice, that’s no longer an option.

anyway, back to the original intention. had a fine time trying to mount my 200gb drive in freebsd. my promise ultra100 card didn’t support big drives, so i had to flash it. ntfs didn’t work well with samba (a program to let non-windows machines connect to windows networks), so i had to do a partitionmagic conversion to fat32. thought i’d combine my two partitions into one big mutha. freebsd didn’t like that either. had to split it up again before things went well. all these problems were taking up bf2 time, which is bad. :O

but it’s all good in the end. server’s now holding 3 ata hard drives cramped together with an extra fan to cool them down. might just have to add a new aluminum casing to my shopping list next month.

at the same time, i think my …. hmm.. using gaming machine vs. server machine is kinda tiring.. let me just tell you their names:-

– phoenix: the gaming machine. 3.0ghz with 1gb ram with radeon 9800 pro with 1 34gb hdd with 5.1 speakers in a full tower casing that doesn’t fit under my built-in desk.

– mario: the server machine. 1.8ghz with 256mb ram with geforce 2 mx with 200gb + 9gb + 3gb hdds with no speakers in an old cyrix 300 casing. :O.

so phoenix’s hdd seems to be at its limit, being an rma replacement of my previous ibm deskstar drive. might just get meself a serial ata drive too. 😀

eek another month of splurging!

the art of sound

dvd-rw and tv tuner card. that’s what i’ll need to maximize my pc’s potential.

maybe even get a small drive for the sole purpose of hosting a page file. no matter how much memory you have, a poorly managed page file will slow everything down.

with the dvd-rw, i’ll also need to figure out how to unlock its region code.

after that, hoard a few months worth of food, and i’ll be self-sustained. 😀

it’s fun having a new set of speakers. in bf2, you start noticing all the sounds you missed previously… the distinct hum of the M1A2, or the starting choke of a chopper.

it’s good to have ears.

lookie what we have here

hullo. i’m back! thought you got rid of me, eh? well, it won’t be so simple. 😛

so, what has been happening the past month. lessee.. can’t really recall much in detail, but basically:-

– my newly-upgraded gaming machine’s power supply unit blew.
– my newly-upgraded server machine was missing a power supply unit.
– i could only afford 1 PSU at the time.
– spent a lot of time playing BF2.
– still keeping to the 8-to-5 rule.
– went to see DB8, a group from the Phillippines, perform at HRC.
– celebrated zoe’s b’day at Klimt’s.
– bought a new PSU for the server only yesterday.
– bought a new set of 5.1 speakers as well.

now, after everything is set up, do i realise that my dvd-rom can no longer play dvd movies. 🙁 guess i might have to consider getting a new one the next time i go to low yat next month. need to get myself a tv tuner card too to let me use my PS2 in the comfort of my room.

haven’t quite finished tho. wanted to move a 200GB hard drive from my workstation to the server, but i’m too lazy to mess around with it right now. i’m also worried that i won’t be able to access all the stuff there when i need them. :/ maybe i should burn them all first…

so to sum it up, i need a
– tv tuner card
– dvd-rw combo drive

finally, less debt!