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ogawa and fujiryoki sucks

So I wanted to purchase a Mobile Seat for my mom for her birthday (That’s Seat not Suit). Went to Fujiryoki in 1 Utama to order one on June 10th. It was out of stock. Fair enough, the salesperson told me I only had to wait 2 days. So I paid my 50 ringgit deposit, and hoped that they’d call me soon.

The weekend arrives. No news.

I ring up the number on the receipt, and they gave me 1U’s number. The guy on the line then tells me that I’d have to wait till Monday. That would be Monday, June 16th.

It’s now bloody June 24th, more than a f-ing week after that, and I still haven’t heard a single word from them. Guess their seats are just selling sooooo well that they don’t even bother with confirmed customers. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but this is a fucking birthday present, so Fujiryoki, you have basically fucking ruined it. Thanks for nothing fools. You should be glad I’m going on a holiday the next few days and have left the task of picking the item up to my brother, otherwise be prepared to get an earful from me.