19 Mar 2009


19 Mar 2009

Forgot to blog about this a week ago. We were clearing out quests in Dragonblight and towards the end managed to get a group for normal Azjol-Nerub. All of us were first timers except the rogue, so of course we turned to ‘her’ for any tips. Still, ‘she’ didn’t even say ANYTHING to help before the first boss fight, and after 2-3 wipes ‘she’ said she couldn’t handle it and left.

Really now, is it just so hard to bloody type out some assistance? You had a stake in the group too! I’m sure you’ve been a noob before, so please don’t be an ass just because you’re ‘experienced’. Bah. I bet you think you’re so cool just because you know how to ‘play your class’, i.e., don’t read party chat and just pewpew omg aggro vanish. I know rogues so much better than you and they’re not as stuck up as you are (Hi Fuzzie :)).

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