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the last 40 days…

…might be a good title for a zombie movie. 🙂

I hate Apple. Wife has a Powebook G4 that’s eligible for a 2006 battery recall, but Apple Malaysia won’t honour it as it is out of warranty. After making calls and making a query on Apple Discussions, I decided to just pass my battery to a colleague going for a vacation in the UK. New battery was delivered no questions asked.

I hate Citibank. When you talk to their customer service people they sound like all they want to do is get rid of you. You know, not in language but in the tone of their voice. Their collections department is so hard to reach.

I hate Streamyx. As usual. Been having sporadic network issues over the weekend since Saturday; download speeds would fall to shit without affecting my uploads. Couldn’t even access Streamyx or TM’s own website. I hate calling for tech support because it usually ends up making things worse.

Customer service is a failboat in this country.

I love Ip-Man. Such an awesome movie.

Upgraded some cables to CAT 6 in the hope that it’ll improve my HD streaming to the PS3. Somehow or rather my Aztech Homeplugs got fried in the process. Such delicate things.