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RayaFest 2016: Kerepek Bijan Nenek (Grandma’s Sesame Crackers)

Ramadan is almost over and Kak’mbang and I were busy with our preparations for Hari Raya tomorrow.  When I was growing up, the usual routine in the days leading up to Hari Raya would be to bake cookies, but in this day and age, everybody just buys their Raya cookies, so we no longer bother.  What I do miss from my childhood days were these kerepek bijan or sesame crackers, something Kak’mbang learned to make from my (mysterious) Nenek.  This snack is so basic yet so addictive, perfect to munch on while discussing sports or current Malaysian politics at the dining table with our relatives.  Put them in nice tiny jars and they’d also make great gifts for friends and colleagues.

Sharing the love (and the awesomeness of my grandma’s culinary skills) for everyone’s enjoyment.  Selamat Hari Raya!

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