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Seriously my all time favorite froyo topping: caramelised biscuit sauce.

Stopped by Llaollao after lunch last Saturday. I just found out they discontinued petit size. Their small isn’t exactly small, but oh well. Yum!

Another small painting for the Doraemon fan 🥰

This one will most likely go on our kitchen island. The blue paint was a little dried up, but thankfully could still be saved by rehydrating with water. The first coat turned out patchy as a result, but with a second layer it looked fine. Faizal felt the background looked a little plain and old school, so since I had a lot of paint left over, I mixed up the pink background paint with the red paint and used the new color to enhance the background. Done in less than 2 hours with loads of breaks in between 😊

Back in February, we built a thing. 🥰 [Part 5]

We decided to upgrade our bedroom closet. Our final touches:
1) Added cleats, which were recommended by the closet system manufacturer for added support.
2) Added covers for the rails.
3) Using spacers, we made sure all the side panels are properly vertical before anchoring to the walls.
4) Rounded off the corners, in case we bump into them😅
5) Touched up black screwheads/blemishes

Back in February, we built a thing 🥰 [Part 3]

We decided to upgrade our bedroom closet. We used an off-the-shelf closet system, but opted to make our own shelves. We went to the lumberyard to grab a couple of melamine boards, and Faizal cut them down to size. We saved about 70% vs the cost of buying ready-made shelves by doing this.

In this video, we were making the shelves. After cutting, we added the edge banding, and drilled pocket holes into a few of them where needed.

We also didn’t want the shelves to slide around, so Faizal added notches to the bottom of the shelves using his router.

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