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Babies are weird. You spend at least 30 minutes to get them to sleep, then suddenly 5 minutes later they're wide awake again.


Today's lunch be like:
Me: Lyana, do you want some pineapple fried rice?
LV: No thank you, I don't like it (She has never tried it)
Me: Do you like pineapples?
LV: Yes
Me: Do you like rice?
LV: Yes
LV: But I don't like pineapple rice

Kids size clothing is so weird. My 2 month old son is wearing 6-12 months clothing while his 6y old sister is still wearing her 3-4y pyjamas 🤔

Keeping up with the supply.

Don't stress don't stress don't stress (repeat continuously till it somehow happens 😂)


4 months ago

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