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Weekend Cooking: Garlic & Olive Oil Pizza

I usually make my own pizza dough, but I happened to have quite a lot of store-bought pizza crust in the fridge, so I decided to throw together something simple using stuff I had on hand.  Despite minimal ingredients, this pizza made a pretty decent snack, and Rudy surprisingly loved them.  A great alternative to your regular garlic toast.  Try it out!

Based on the recipe from 500 Pizzas & Flatbreads.

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Make Your Own: Basic Pan Pizza Base

When making my Pull-apart Stuffing Rolls, I originally just wanted to use ready-made pizza dough, and bought some from the store.  I thought nothing of it, but when I finally took the dough out from the fridge, to my horror the stuff I bought turned out to be pre-baked pizza crust, and was therefore unusable.  Trying to find other store-bought options led to more disappointment, and finally I caved in and decided to make my own pizza dough.  This small crisis disrupted my cooking schedule a bit for that day, but luckily I discovered this problem in the morning, and so had enough time to still make things happen.

I’ve used this recipe for all my home-made pizzas, based on the recipe from the book, 500 Pizzas & Flatbreads.  This makes about 450 grams/1 pound of dough, enough for two 9-inch round pizzas, or one 11- by 15-inch rectangle pizza.

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