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Vietnamese Duck Noodles in Soup (Mi Vit Tiem)

Back when I was living in New Haven, I used to frequent a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant called Pot au Pho. Especially on those cold winter afternoons, mi vit tiem, egg noodles with braised five-spice flavored duck and shiitake mushroom, was my go-to order. I think the restaurant has closed down now, and even here I haven’t been able to find local restaurants serving this particular dish. Well, I guess if you wanna eat something you can try to make it yourself, so here we were.

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Che Nom’s Lepat Pisang

Achievement unlocked: lepat pisang!

I generally love bananas and every form of dessert or snack we can make with bananas, and lepat pisang is one of my favorites. The thing is, this Malay kuih isn’t as common as some others, and quite often the ones I get are quite disappointing.

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Japanese-style Pandan Coconut Milk Bread

The quest for making the best pandan coconut bread started when Gardenia launched their specialty Pandan Kelapa bread, which was nice and had gula melaka chunks within. For a while it was practically impossible to find the bread in stores, apparently people wait for the bread guy to load the shelves then dive in like piranhas to grab one. After a few tries experimenting with different ingredients and fillings, I finally made a successful version.

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