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littlebigplanet lag

Picked up second hand LBP via Fish. Turned out that it’s a Chinese version. ^_^; At least the gameplay is all still in English. Merv helped pick up a second controller from Low Yat as well.

Fai and I just lurrve the game. The SackPeople are just sooo cute! We played quite a bit last night and Andy & Alysa joined us online. 🙂 They didn’t stay long though due to some terrible lag on their side. Only after the game did I realize that our torrents were running at full blast. Sorry guys.

Besides that, I’m also worried about slight in-game freezes just before in-level tutorial vids show up, or during a full costume change. Wonder if it has something to do with the disc region or its condition (which looks flawless). Doesn’t seem to be a first-class bootleg either (if that even exists). Not to doubt Fish’s friend or anything; just worried that there’s something bigger afoot, like the optical lens dying.