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MAP 1562

So this old Proton decides to roll back into my mom’s car at a traffic light. My mom tried to get it to pull over, but it ran off. Just scratches, but still.
So if you see any MAP 1562 on the road, please send the driver my regards with a slap to the face. Thanks.

more idiots on the road

Jalan 17/1. pasar tani going on. a row of cars parked on the left lane. fine, still can squeeze through. yet traffic still can’t move cuz this lady was having trouble parallel parking her kancil. in and out, in and out, for a good whole minute. >_<

Jalan Universiti, just after KFC.  the idiot driver in front of me signals late to make a u-turn into section 12. fine. i check my side view mirror to switch lanes and i bypass him. but as soon as i look ahead i find this pink (yes, pink!) pesona cutting out from the junction right in front of me. lucky for her, i managed to screech to a halt. so here i am, about a meter a way from smacking her brand new car, but she’s still there in front of me for a few minutes. why? because the car in front of her is still trying to clear traffic coming from the hospital. this lady was so damned stupid, that she risked colliding into traffic, just so that she could get stuck in the yellow box and endure our venomous glares.

no fucking brains, and no fucking aptitude for driving.


i just wasted a good hour driving to Jln Parlimen and back home just because some luser thought it’s ok to call for a meeting with 2 hours notice. obviously this luser just lives by himself, cuz he can’t understand that people might have other business to take care of.

wasted time, wasted petrol, wasting my patience.