24 Jul 2003

To be free~!

24 Jul 2003

I’m at work but without anything to do. Tsk, that’s what I get for being too efficient. Well, while waiting for all my e-mails to come back, I guess I can poke around with other things, like my glossary and the Rikkusation of this website. 😀 Trying to find the mood though; had a tiff with my mom last night and I’m not feeling awfully great. Sigh, she’s so hard to please.

I was also quite upset last night when FFX suddenly hung on me. Argh! And I didn’t save after that Sphere Grid movement and getting all those goodies and Cactuar Spheres! *cwy* can’t call customer support either..

Come to think of it, I’ve been spending less time on the PS2 and more on the PC. I guess it’s due to the fact that I’ve been going to MRC quite often and the idea of practicing is slowly getting realised. So now I have CS and Steam installed. With a list of Singaporean/Malaysian servers in hand, I can now conquer the CS world as I did in LA. muahahah.. yeah right.

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