01 Sep 2003


01 Sep 2003

Forgetting everything before ID46, I’ll just skip the history and move on to the oddities after.

Didn’t go anywhere on Merdeka night. Thought I’d be able to glimpse the fireworks surrounding KL tower from my balcony like last year. But it was rather misty having rained earlier in the day, so I had to be contented with the chapalang display from Phileo D.

Slept till noon the next morning. Ayin needed a floppy drive for her Vaio, so we decided to head for Low Yat after dropping our mom off at Jalan TAR for more fabric shopping (that’s twice in a weekend!). Taking the most direct yet most jam-packed route via Tun Perak, we arrived almost an hour later. Looks like lotsa people were still in town after all…

Sg. Wang’s parking lots were full, so we ended up in Yayasan Selangor instead. At that point, paying RM5 per entry was no big deal. Decided to go to Sg. Wang first for lunch, and it was packed inside as it was outside. And there was some sort of Chinese singing competition too. Didn’t feel hungry having only had breakfast before we departed, so I just left Ayin and Khairil (me lil bro) at McDonalds while I queued up for 20 odd minutes at the ATM. Then we made a quick stop at the regular PS2 shop and quickly headed down to Low Yat.

Low Yat Plaza was also brimming with people, but it wasn’t as bad as the previous building. Palm was having some sorta thing going on at the lobby, and there were people wearing orange caps everywhere. There were some games with Palm prizes to be won, but being in a rush my thinking brain stopped me from getting an orange cap myself. Oh well, another opportunity missed.

We quickly browsed for a phone for Khairil, and got him a Motorola E360 for 400. Then we rushed on to the next floor to acquire a Sony USB floppy drive for 145. All paid in cash. :O Oh, and Ayin owes me 50 bucks now.

So then we rushed back to Masjid India, grabbed my mom who still wasn’t done shopping, and I got home just in time to meet up with the gang to go to Juan’s wedding. The wedding itself was cool, and a lot of faces haven’t seen in a while showed up. Will put up the poorly-taken pics after this. 😛

The wedding ended about 11-ish, but the gang decided to adjourn to Cristro’s in Sri Hartamas. Besides the usual chatter and laughs, lotsa attention were paid to the Arsenal-Man City game on the big tele. Gotta hand it to the Arsenal folks for making our day *lol*.

Came home about 2:30am. Was supposed to drive down to Batu Pahat today, but I was too stoned. Sorry, mom. So I cuci 2 bathrooms instead. And now I’m watching Onegai Sensei Ep 1. 😛

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