01 Oct 2003


01 Oct 2003

…POT! Yea that’s me weehee.

I’ve been rather unsuccessful in getting LP tix. But there’s still hope, and at least I’m not as flustered as before. Actually, I was. Sigh~


Ahh, nothing but an ice-cold glass of H2O to keep that chest-pounding feeling at bay.

As it turns out, my car is still bleeding. This time it’s from the last remaining break part that hasn’t been replaced (break pump on the right). I can see a steady trail of break fluid forming towards the drain. Probably’ll go back to the workshop on Saturday (don’t worry folks, the breaks still work).

Gotta get a new replacement casing for my 5210 too. It sacrificed itself trying to save my thigh from the evil corner of my hardwood desk. Pasar malam here we go! The LCD is also a little damaged, but no biggie. It’s supposed to be shock-resistant anyway.

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  1. Hemlocke October 4th, 2003 1:39AM

    Yo. Thanks a billion for the help man. ^^ What would we do without you? heh. Hope the car gets better too. My nose still hurts from the flu but I’m starting to feel human again…


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