July 2004

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Spammed 2 death.

100 new comments in 1 week. How am I to bother reading them? I don’t.

The fact that MT 2.6661 has a supposedly built in guard against these comment spammers do not seem to deter them. And I’m not too keen on making visitors register to post comments, so I may have to think something up… maybe upgrade to 3.0 or something.

Anyways, after further discussion with my VM mates, we may close shop next month. It’s been fun while it lasted, having your own machine to do whatever you want with. After that, I’ll have to figure out a way to put myself back online. Temporarily, I might just boot up my local FreeBSD box and run a website off Streamyx. Not a very good idea in the long run, but it’ll have to do. It’s hard running an online side-business when you have a full time job that is … literally full time.

Well, I’d better get going. Supposed to meet up with Fish, Merv, & Henry for dinner. Going somewhere in town.

I wonder when the 3rd Darren Shan trilogy will be out?

I also wonder when RE Outbreak Gameshark codes will be out?

And I wonder if I’ll see more sex in GANTZ?

Back to the school of life.

My stealthy pursuit has led me nowhere. She’s found another. Walking on air, above the clouds. No wonder she seemed more cheerful. Ah well, irregardless of this feeling of somehow being left out, I might as well cherish what I have now, and thank God for it.

Still… it’s not so easy to let go.

Would it be better if life was a manga? Chockful of twists and turns that lead to a certain end? Maybe. But life has no end.

Stayed home last night, having to politely refuse call outs for mahjong. Tonight however, I’ll be spending dinner with Merv and Fish as always, and make the most of my singularity.

And I may have to find a new host. VM is not doing very well, so we may close shop soon. All partners, including myself, have been busy with work, so the business has been neglected rather badly. A lesson learnt is that… you need to MEET people in order to get things done. And that’s one thing I’m not so good at. Hopefully that’ll improve throughout my career here with ***. I had to do a presentation to 1200 people last month, and it wasn’t that bad (although I just had 1 slide to talk about). I just need to get rid of the initial anxiety of being rejected.

You know, that last sentence is very much related to my love life. Maybe if I got rejected once, I’d be more ready to face those situations later. To tell you the truth, I’ve never ever confessed to a girl before. Well, it’d probably be too much of me to say that it has always been the other way round, but it was. Yet I was a r34l g33k then. Who cares about girls when you have Dune 2?


Ghost in the Shell SAC

Ichigo 100%, GANTZ

Nokia 6230 MP3 ringtones. 😛