25 Nov 2004

Work Sucks

25 Nov 2004

It’s back to the usual schedule for me, altho not as strenuous. Even with all the work to keep me busy 8 to 5, I try to stick to that schedule.

On Monday, I skived work. Main reason was: I couldn’t find my car keys. And I still can’t find them till today. Well, I was still tired from the busy week, so it was a good opportunity to delay the inevitable and to run some errands in town.

Too bad I don’t have enough leave to continue this trend.

So the day was spent having breakfast with Merv in Kelana Jaya, then heading off to town, picking up Henry in the process, to settle my Citibank bill. Then we moved towards Sungei Wang and Low Yat for the usual activities. A quick stop at Mandy’s shop to get MGS 3, NFSU 2, GITS SAC English version, + some others. Got myself a new controller too, but will not be breaking it in till the dying one is devastated by my brother’s thumbing.

Then a detour to the arcade for some Percussion Master. As always, Merv has the best eye coordination. I’m still a Taiko no Tatsujin freak, though. And we also had a quick round of Battle Gear 3.

And on to the main event: Low Yat. Picked up the additional space I needed for my download binge. 200GB should be enough for now. Also got myself some folders for all the CDs lying about.

Of course, the night ended with mahjong.

History repeats itself daily. Except for the skiving part.

Think I’ll take a break tonight.

Meanwhile, downloaded Kaikan Phrase up to episode 32. Whee! At least I’ve got something to do tonight.


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