29 Nov 2004

The learning curve

29 Nov 2004

Had a pretty good meeting this morning. All my presentation materials were supposedly well done, so by the time I began to speak, the PMO cut in and did the presentation for me.

The developing zit on my left cheek didn’t really help my appearance too, so it was a good thing.

Problem is, I’m now left with more work to do! ‘Facilitate’ the reconciliation of a missing 5 million ringgit. It’s an euphemism of ‘Write a paper and let someone else sign’.

I hate writing papers.

Better news is that I’ve finished the Kaikan Phrase anime. The story ends at a certain arc, which shows the band as successful at one point, but there’s still a lot more climbing to do. I hear there are 10 volumes of the manga, which are clearly shoujo-ish, but which I’m still tempted to collect. It’s going to be a bitch, though, having been licensed recently.

Now I’m slowly downloading Inu Yasha, which won’t be done in a while seeing how it’s hard to find torrents of earlier episodes. And there are pockets of them which I can’t find either.

Meanwhile, I’ll just have to make do with Origa’s Era of Queens album, as well as other things I shouldn’t mention here. Heh….

Missed today’s squash session. Will try to squeeze in for Wednesday, before dinner and The Incredibles.


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