20 Jan 2005


20 Jan 2005

to madness.

This country is home to a whole lot of people with poor lane control. Inconsiderate, single-minded, and blind, they’re the main cause of stress, high blood pressure, and manic depression.

However, they give rise to another class of drivers: skilled and alert, keeping them alive during the 2 or so hours they have to endure daily.

I think I’m part of the latter. 😀

Back at work, having misunderstood SAP Payroll’s default behavior when it comes to dealing with financial postings for retiring staff, we were stuck with about 50 odd people who weren’t paid this month.

It pretty much messed up my mahjong last night.

Luckily today things went better than expected, having solved the ordeal somewhat. And lo and behold, a long weekend.

It’s been a long time coming.


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