23 Feb 2005

born to be wild

23 Feb 2005

A senior manager has earmarked me for promotion.

My project manager has marked me as undisciplined.

I agree with both of them.

I practically lived in the office for months last year. Only reaching home at wee hours in the morning, I could only get back to work 1 to 2 hours late, sometimes more.

No one complained then.

I have not heard a single peep about the 30 or so off-in-lieu days I applied for since I submitted it 3 months ago.

I didn’t complain. Much.

Now why is it such a problem if I come in late sometimes? What’s the big deal if I was usually late 2-10 minutes? I have never ever short-changed the company, giving back every single minute after 5p.m., usually more.

I don’t remember having a KPI measure for coming to work on time. Nor is it a competency requirement for my job. You want me to change my ways? What happened to my application for a time management course? Do you even bother to help besides giving ‘advice’ every now and then, and mentioning my name at morning talks?

I’m really at a loss as to what to commit myself to now. Be a good dumb boy and come to work on time, leave my work for later, and go home when the clock chimes 5? Or continue solving system issues that the consultants you hired can’t even get a clue on?

Time for a different play. We’ll see you at the end in 4 years.


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