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shake, shake, shake, senora!

8.2, as reported by USGS. i hope the indonesians are ok.

i’ve been hit by worse when i was in california. but to experience a tremor here in malaysia felt surreal. and being a few floors above ground isn’t reassuring.

took a while for my neighbors to get back into the building. i just search the net for info.

anyway.. looks like i’ll be away next week for a roadshow… an ‘outreach program’ to help out our users in need. a chance to get away from work, but i can just foresee the issues piling up. :/

food fest

shangri-la’s lemon garden.
haagen dasz buffet.
hilton’s sudu.
legend’s china museum.
lobsterman x2.
legend’s di-atas brasserie.

hope i didn’t miss anything.

weight gained: 1 kilo. finally getting somewhere.


“the iron mask”, a silent movie by douglas fairbanks.

backed by the klcc philharmonic orchestra.

conducted by carl davis, original composer of the movie’s soundtrack.


sister’s blog.

and check this out.

happy birthday lobsterboy

happy bday to the lil bro.

no more lobsterman for us fo’.

service sucks and the food ain’t good.

gotta hand it to the weird accent dude.


it looks to be a tense week. kinda blew up on a colleague this evening, altho we patched things up right after.

there’s just so many things happening at the same time, and so many new things coming in.. it’s just a bitch to handle.


started watching galaxy express 999. classic.


takaful vs. conventional insurance.

takaful vs. conventional insurance.

takaful vs. conventional insurance.

takaful vs. conventional insurance.
takaful vs. conventional insurance.
takaful vs. conventional insurance.
takaful vs. conventional insurance.
takaful vs. conventional insurance.
takaful vs. conventional insurance.
takaful vs. conventional insurance.

conventional insurance.


The gallery’s first critique came from Fish today. Said some pics weren’t so appropriate. So some of the pics, even entire albums, have been hidden to avoid misappropriation of explicit content to minors.

Henry didn’t say much. I wonder what Zoe will do to me later. 😀

Having sorted out my bills a bit, I’ve decided to stop using my HSBC Visa. Reason being the discounts I get at Starbucks are often countered by the late payment charges I have to pay for forgetting payments. There it goes, into the drawer.

And I’ve finally gotten around to cutting my toenails, especially the bloodied one from a coral-related accident. Feels so much cleaner somehow.

Maybe that should’ve gone into the censorship bin. 😛

part 4 (of the forgotten tale)

Got out of the dive, dried up, had an incident at the toilet. These Western tourists need to learn how to lock the doors. :/

Took pictures, enjoyed the last remnants of our time on the platform, savoring the scenery and the scent of it all.

Got on the ferry home. Dinner at Gurney drive again. Rained before Zoe could finish her tau foo fa, so we ran straight home (via a pitstop at Gurney Plaza). Got back to our rooms for a quick shower. Ask Fish about the incident here. Went down to the bar to redeem our punch vouchers. Had pool with a broken pool table (broken in a sense that it let us play lots for less :D). Zoe was the hustler of the day.

Then went back up to rooms for… wait.. somehow that didn’t seem right. Um, I may have gotten the chronological order wrong… but… who cares. 😛

So we went back up for drinks and card games. Played chor tee and a Thai game called Song Sip. Everyone basically gets dealt 5 cards, with the dealer starting with 6. An extra card is drawn and opened to serve as the ‘joker’. The aim of the game is to get 3 pairs with the 6 cards you have. Each pair will have to make an added total of 10 e.g. 8 + 2 or 3 + 6. Other special cards like Queens and Kings pair with the same respective types. The joker can be used to represent any value, so if the joker is a 6, then all sixes are jokers.

The game starts when the dealer wins or throws a card he doesn’t want. The next player can either pick up the card he threw or draw from the deck. And so it goes until someone wins.

Sorry, t, texas holdem poker didn’t quite catch on here. 😛

After a while, Henry gets sick, so we call it a day. 😀

The next and final day of our trip started off with a pretty late breakfast at 9.30. The alarm rang at 9, and Fish and I were tossing around in bed, asking ourselves whether to go down for breakfast. We decided to wait for H + Z to call, but they beat us to the buffet by heading down first. Seems that the girl set her alarm wayyy early. Poor Henry. 😉

We slipped off to the highway at 11 after packing all our stuff. Took the ferry (for free) back to the mainland and there was no trouble finding the right track to KL.

Stopped by the famous coffee house at Bidor so the peeps can get their chicken biscuits and lunch. Guavas were in season, so I bought a kilo.

Reached home in record time. Sleep. The end.

PS: For certain details intentionally left out, find another blog. ;P


got a cold. a sore throat. lack of sleep. feeling a little feverish.

what do i do?
drive one hour from 7am to a lounge watching fast cars drive by.

3gp videos.

ps: re-exposed pictures are at the back of the album.

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