29 Mar 2005

shake, shake, shake, senora!

29 Mar 2005


8.2, as reported by USGS. i hope the indonesians are ok.

i’ve been hit by worse when i was in california. but to experience a tremor here in malaysia felt surreal. and being a few floors above ground isn’t reassuring.

took a while for my neighbors to get back into the building. i just search the net for info.

anyway.. looks like i’ll be away next week for a roadshow… an ‘outreach program’ to help out our users in need. a chance to get away from work, but i can just foresee the issues piling up. :/

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  1. Merv March 30th, 2005 9:59PM

    Yeah, he’s been hit by worse. Ballantyne’s and Chivas to speak.

  2. myuu April 1st, 2005 9:24PM

    never had those in the states 😛


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