26 Apr 2005

lazy start, busy end

26 Apr 2005

woke up. had only 4 hours of sleep (jean reno’s fault). decided to stay out half a day. continued sleeping. woke up at 10. continued onimusha 3. šŸ˜›

in the meantime, stacked bits of stuff to do into my bag. gotta draft a letter to hsbc, cancelling my cards, draft a letter to maybank to try and get my annual fees waived (for good, hopefully), and to go low yat and ask those cycom buggers what the feck happened to my sister’s webcam! it’s been 2 months and there’s still no news on the rma. i’m going to demand for a replacement!

so back to onimusha. it’s amazing how the cg characters match the facial features of their real counterparts. can’t say the same about their voices though, cuz i haven’t really heard them speak elsewhere before. maybe jean reno’s french sounded good enough though.

realised relatives coming to visit soon. got my sister to sweep, then i mopped while she cleaned the tiles (the noisy ones) with ajax. šŸ˜› hosed down the balcony and all that. it’s tough trying to roll 50m of cheap hose.

it was too late to continue the game, so we went swimming for a while.

it’s now late, and i still haven’t touched the ps2. arg! just got back from dinner anyhow, after a short trip to the irb branch in kelana jaya. it was packed. people have been there since 6, waiting for their numbers to be called. my mom’s income was not much, so she didn’t really care, but i decided to just check a few things with some colleagues instead of waiting in line. trivial things like rounding the cents may mean a big deal (to our dear government).

oh btw, don’t mess with b. a. baracus, mess with messenger.

get the messpatch, and get the toaster for winamp if you hate windows media player. if the popups annoy you, just go into its plugin settings and uncheck the ‘enable toasts’ option.

ooh, seems that my dad’s car just overheated. let’s see if he needs help!

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