05 May 2005

Gold fish memory

05 May 2005

An old lady comes to the shop, having ordered for 2 cakes by phone before that. After paying, she asks for the price (which she has done EACH and EVERY single time she comes) and says “Wah…so expensive lar boss”.

This kind of scenario happens ever so often, more often than birdpoo finding its mark in Lucky Gardens. What in the world happened to these people? Where are they when they ask the same question the day before, or the week before? Is it some vile ritual that they simply check off mentally while buying products from any outlet…”Phone booking, collection, payment, gripe about price, act insulted when responded to”. Have to tie up with a company to supply mini-sachets of MemoMax to be provided complimentary with each cake. For the meanwhile, service with a smile and retort, counterretort and counter-counterretort.

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