11 May 2005

Mind Your Language in KL

11 May 2005

A new cast, a different language, but all the makings of disaster for a remake of the popular BBC series, “Mind Your Language”.

The cast:
Ms. Han Dan as the venerable Mandarin teacher (who insists Chinese is easier to communicate in than English…right)
The Fish … Lei Wan Yuen
The Datuk … Zhuo IT de ren
The Datuk’s sister … IT ren de mei mei
The Manko Gal … You chien ren
Mr. Pang … Refresher course (sort of)
The Mashi … Who mixes up girl and cow (darn pronunciations)
The Mashi’s sister … Girl, not cow
Mr. Z … Along for the ride, enrolled the day before class

All together now…. NI HAO!
(no, I did not forget to put the intonation strokes…too lazy)

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  1. pikey May 11th, 2005 11:37PM

    ni men hao ma?

  2. kittenz May 12th, 2005 1:23PM

    wo hen hao.

    i need a dictionary :p


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