16 May 2005

Of Kingdoms, Conversations & Decisions…

16 May 2005

Hello everyone! My first post ever on a blog! Wheeeee!!!

Anyways it has been an a dull week. Kinda stoned for the most of it, but there were a few interesting highlights. Caught Kingdom of Heaven with some colleagues on Wednesday, like the show but even better was the following conversation in the cinema prior to the start of the show (Names have been changed to protect the identities):-

Author : Normally we would watch the shows on Wednesday. A friend, you know the one who runs the coffeeshop, he gets Monday off and usually gets the tickets in the morning. There you have met him before at the dinner, Jack.

Colleague : Jack, the cute cute one. Yeah I remember him.

Now this seems like a normal conversation, hell Mr.Jack should be beaming with that, HOWEVER… the colleague that made the comment is a GUY and as far as I know..is a straight normal guy. Yes G-man, he is not your kindred spirit. Comments anyone?

On another note, got to make some decisions at work come Monday morning due blunders done at work last week…nevertheless shouldn’t be too hard, just have to convert the “Jenius” to “Genius” 😛

May the force be with you.

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  1. JL May 16th, 2005 12:40AM

    Hey where’s my Avatar???

  2. Merv May 16th, 2005 12:44AM

    A big J oughta suffice.

  3. myuu May 16th, 2005 1:26AM

    Mr. Jenius! 😀


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