28 May 2005

strangely quiet

28 May 2005

Office deserted. Only 3 remain. We cannot move, for the destination is fraught with danger. Well, not really.

Due to expiring contracts, the entire project team is moving 12 floors down to join our FI, MM, PM, BW, and etc. counterparts. We’ll have an entire wing to ourselves, except for the ERP head, admin folk, and squatters from another division.

Problem is, the squatter area has momentarily extended into what should be our new cubicles.

Oh well, I could use some relaxation up here, not being able to do any work since all my documents are already there.

Anyway, life’s been moving along pretty fast, since there’s always something to do. Maybe a little too fast. At home, I’ve been rewatching Star Wars eps 4-5, with 6 to happen this afternoon. Oh, gotta clean the house up first tho, as we’ll be having visitors again. Also been playing Shadow of Rome, which is great. Playing Octavianus is challenging, somewhat exciting, but Agrippa’s role is much much more action packed (i.e. bloody). I guess that makes me a closet sadist.

Was playing Champions of Norrath with my sis, but the disc hung at one point and we couldn’t proceed. Can’t play Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 either, as that didn’t even start up at all. Time to go see Mandy, our favorite PS2 shopkeeper.

In terms of reading, I’ve yet to wrap my Galaxy Express manga. Have not seen any new releases of the anime series out. Think I’ll go update my collection of Ichigo 100% later. Started reading Eternal Sabbath, which is about some experimental clones who’ve achieved immortality somewhat, having extra mental powers as a side effect.

It’s now 12.18. Another 42 minutes to burn.

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