31 May 2005

too hot for common sense

31 May 2005

The stage is set. The private NWN server is now ready.

Problem is, i don’t have any players that can log in. For the moment, i was expecting a two-person party consisting of myself and my sister. However, my sister’s notebook did not seem to agree.

Sony Vaio PCG-GRZ*: Fatal flaw

Based on complaints from GRZ users everywhere, it seems that this particular notebook model has a very strong tendency to overheat and cause immediate shutdown of the machine.

One simple reason: dust buildup. Dust goes in unfiltered through the air intake, and gets stuck on the heat sinks that are placed right before the exhaust. Hence, the air works hard to cool down the dust, but the heat sinks remain hot. Or something like that.

Solution: clean it up. Based on instructions found here, we can hopefully get the machine up to optimal levels. In the long run, I think throwing in some thermal compound somewhere will help lots. So, anyone wanna go to Low Yat?

PS: Ezlan.net seems to have lotsa nice techie tips. Gotta look through ’em sometime.

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