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painkillers: ponstan.
antibiotics: cloxa, fucidin.
anti-swelling: papase.

side fx: feeling awake. brain functions seem active enough to continue processing tough logical scenarios at the office. yet somehow, mind seems distractful and unable to concentrate for long periods of time.

or maybe that’s how i usually am. 😛

true helpers

those who are truly honest in helping others usually die poor. Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, passed away without much to their name. may God bless their soul.

but nowadays, you find politicians with million dollar bungalows, with lots of nice fancy cars and whatnot. makes you wonder now, doesn’t it?

anyway, some have suggested that i go into politics early. get some networking going, and stuff like that. problem is, i’m not a highly manipulative guy, so i’d probably end up on the bad/poor side of things.

but i wanna be rich.

so i have to find a career that helps people as politicians are supposed to, while getting the big dough in, without being naughty. 🙂

base camping in battlefield 2

the internet is truly a wondrous place, a place where you can find all sorts of things and all sorts of people.

including childish ones.

here i was, playing operation clean sweep as USMC. things haven’t looked good for the team all night, so it wouldn’t hurt to try new things. grabbed a free APC, and drove straight to the enemy’s uncapturable helipad.

i got there, parked right behind the UAV trailer beside the pad. a few enemy soldiers spawned there.. no biggie, took about 5 to 6 out.

then, one of them initiated to kick me. accused me of base camping. hello? we’re at war here. there are no rules.

is it my fault that your soldiers can’t hit me with their SRAWs?
is it my fault that you missed me with your artillery fire?

sigh, some people would just make up any excuse to win. and to top it off, that person was a corporal. he has 10000+ more points than i do. i wonder how he got ’em? probably farmed a lot while playing with his prissy no-base-camping pals.

now let’s look at it from a real world perspective? what’s the US doing now? they’re base camping Iraq. not very fair, but it’s a war. it’s not supposed to be.

of course, a lot of people objected to US military action in the middle east, but those voices are irrelevent in their eyes. it’s their war, and they want to win it, like it or not.

so that’s what we should do too… play to win. isn’t that the whole point of having games? if you can’t handle the pressure, go play with your bots.

hmm, i just realised i’m also making an excuse for myself. but doesn’t my excuse make more sense? 🙂

fortunately, one of their teammates agreed with me. base-camping is nonexistant in such a massive game. all they had to do was get rid of me. and they did, after some time. after that, i just kept quiet. no point wasting the keystrokes… it’ll just make my karpal tunnel worse..

unfortunately, i was somewhat ticked off to play properly. and i couldn’t get around well enough as an engineer. then 1 to 2 of my own teammates started voting me out… probably tripped over my mines. sigh, keep away from those red skull and bones dammit!

i’ll be back after my visit to the clinic! just you wait!

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neverwinter nights 1.66

wanna have a private nwn party but can’t afford to buy more copies of nwn, sou, or hotu? already running your own linux server? accidentally upgraded to 1.66 and have no way of turning back?


i originally wanted to put in the exact solution to this scenario, but i don’t want to be too much of a bad guy. 🙂 instead, i’ll just let some observations loose.

if you do a google search on ‘nwmaster’, you’ll find many sites talking about how to stop nwn from contacting the bioware master server.

however, every circumvention will lead to breakthrough in prevention, hence version 1.66. now, you can’t avoid contact with the master server, because the game server you’re connecting to will be your middle man. ie. the game server will send them your cd key.

can’t block the server you want to play on, can you? if you want to play on most public servers or persistent worlds, too bad, go buy the game. me? i bought bf2. ha.

but if you just want to have a private party with some buddies, you can still bypass the check if you’re running a linux server with a stateful firewall like ipfw. all you need to do is just accept and maintain incoming connections to your server, and deny fresh outgoing connections via the game port.

if you have no clue what i’m talking about, then you’re probably not interested in this particular post. or if you are, then go buy the game. 😛 it’s old, but it’s expanding with all the custom modules and whatnot. you can wait for neverwinter nights 2 to come out and buy that. nwn 1 would be cheaper too. 😀

it’s that wrenching feeling again


i have just finished reading psychic academy. despite the major fanservice, the storyline becomes very philosophical, and gives you some thought into what life might really be.

i feel sad. so sad that my tummy aches. i guess i have a high emo factor, being easily moved by fiction. it reminds me of the time when i read i”s, but at least that worked out in the end.



i just realised that i haven’t blogrolled in a while. it’s no wonder my tagboard/comments section are stagnant.

i may soon be changing the theme of this site. make it more battlefield like. but that is if i pull myself away from the game itself.

nwn server is back online. for a while.

waiting for the stats package at to be reintroduced again. then you’ll be able to see my stats right here! 😀

look for myuu on!

and it looks like i’ll be getting that new processor next month. it’s hard flying choppers through kubra dam with a certain amount of jerkiness. probably get myself a 3.0e. the 1.8 will go into my bsd box, to carry the extra load introduced by my new gnome2 desktop. i’ve already managed to offload my torrents to it, but the emule part files poses some problem as i lack the disk space to keep them all. tsk.

anyways, in addition to the processor, was thinking of getting an additional 512mb of ram or a logitech mx1000 mouse. what do you think?

and i just realised i’ve been making a lot of technical references lately. so tadah! inline links!

of war and gnomes

so much for the bf2 server idea. i might just keep one up for practice sessions, but the player limit’ll be greatly reduced, and it won’t be published on the server list.

instead, i’m now looking into windows managers for freebsd. i’ve just finished installing gnome, which is supposed to be a pretty nice windows environment for unix machines. think of it as windows xp for free.

this pretty much mean that i’ll have more workstation tools for my server, which is already up 24 hours a day. so torrents, p2p applications, etc. will all move to it, allowing me to turn off my microsoft pc and saving a lil bit of electricity, which has been killing me by the way.

i’ve yet to load it up though. might just do so after the bbq tonight. oops, i’m late!


sorry to all who’ve been wondering why this site was down for so long. after the upgrade, i didn’t quite check whether my dns server was running properly. in the end, no one could get to the website, altho mail and BF2 was ok. 😛 oh well… sorry again.

read below for the entries posted during the blackout period.

muahahahah it’s alive!

BF2 server is up! Look for us on the server list or GameSpy Arcade (keyword bangsar). Only those who didn’t upgrade to 1.01 will be able to connect though. This will be the case till EA releases a patch… for the patch.


ea games sux

boo. BF2 is released with a horrific server browser.

yay. EA/Dice releases 1.01 patch to fix it.

boo. EA/Dice revokes 1.01 patch due to absurd memory leaks.

boo. no clue as to how to sign up as a ranked server.

btw, since we’re in the upgrading season, i’ve just upgraded’s machine to FreeBSD 5.4. yay.

now hopefully i can finally setup a local BF2 server. yay.

also upgraded everything else. we’re now on Apache 2. yay.

but now i’m feeling sleepy and i might not be able to play. boo.