27 Jul 2005

base camping in battlefield 2

27 Jul 2005

the internet is truly a wondrous place, a place where you can find all sorts of things and all sorts of people.

including childish ones.

here i was, playing operation clean sweep as USMC. things haven’t looked good for the team all night, so it wouldn’t hurt to try new things. grabbed a free APC, and drove straight to the enemy’s uncapturable helipad.

i got there, parked right behind the UAV trailer beside the pad. a few enemy soldiers spawned there.. no biggie, took about 5 to 6 out.

then, one of them initiated to kick me. accused me of base camping. hello? we’re at war here. there are no rules.

is it my fault that your soldiers can’t hit me with their SRAWs?
is it my fault that you missed me with your artillery fire?

sigh, some people would just make up any excuse to win. and to top it off, that person was a corporal. he has 10000+ more points than i do. i wonder how he got ’em? probably farmed a lot while playing with his prissy no-base-camping pals.

now let’s look at it from a real world perspective? what’s the US doing now? they’re base camping Iraq. not very fair, but it’s a war. it’s not supposed to be.

of course, a lot of people objected to US military action in the middle east, but those voices are irrelevent in their eyes. it’s their war, and they want to win it, like it or not.

so that’s what we should do too… play to win. isn’t that the whole point of having games? if you can’t handle the pressure, go play with your bots.

hmm, i just realised i’m also making an excuse for myself. but doesn’t my excuse make more sense? 🙂

fortunately, one of their teammates agreed with me. base-camping is nonexistant in such a massive game. all they had to do was get rid of me. and they did, after some time. after that, i just kept quiet. no point wasting the keystrokes… it’ll just make my karpal tunnel worse..

unfortunately, i was somewhat ticked off to play properly. and i couldn’t get around well enough as an engineer. then 1 to 2 of my own teammates started voting me out… probably tripped over my mines. sigh, keep away from those red skull and bones dammit!

i’ll be back after my visit to the clinic! just you wait!


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  1. myuu July 28th, 2005 5:52PM

    sorry, wrong map. will comment once i figure out the right one.

  2. myuu August 28th, 2005 7:10PM

    sharqi peninsula!


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