01 Sep 2005

let’s samba!

01 Sep 2005

while the entire setup was successfully implemented pretty much, there’s still some funny things going on.

i’ve just finished watching sin city on the pc. downloaded it via bittorrent on mario (my server)’s gnome desktop. superb quality.. makes me wanna get a bigger monitor (can you say, plasma? :D).

at least now i can rest assured that all the stuff i’ve downloaded via the server is ok. now the problem lies with downloading via phoenix, my windows desktop. a few posts ago i talked about samba and all that. samba lets my freebsd server act a little bit windowsy. so here i have some 200gigabytes of fat32 space mounted on mario, and then shared to the network via samba.

now here’s the funny thing: almost everything i download via phoenix directly onto mario’s shares become corrupted. movies and zip files alike come up bad… kinda like playing a bad record.

hopefully it’s something fixed in the latest release of samba, which i’ve yet to acquire. or if i could find a way to convert the fat32 partitions to freebsd native ufs2; that would even be better.

anyway, i was walking down from my office to my carpark in the next building (yeah, they shifted the lot of us to plaza pantai’s season parking), when i wondered if it was ok to rollerblade in menara TM‘s lobby. i was thinking maybe it wasn’t listed in their tenancy rules (well, who’d thought of doing something like that, was what i’d think they’d think). but either way they’ll probably stop me for sporting 2 quads of wheels. so then i thought: someone should invent leather corporate heelys! it’s time for the yuppie heelie invasion! 😛

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  1. myuu September 2nd, 2005 12:59AM
  2. Anonymous September 2nd, 2005 9:35PM

    i have absolutely NO idea what you’re talking about in this post hahaha… i need to stop being such a techno-idiot

  3. bangsar.net September 3rd, 2005 5:41PM

    don’t worry… this post should be categorised as super techie aka super geeky. 😛


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