08 Sep 2005


08 Sep 2005

watched charlie & the choc factory last night with the gang. it was fabulous! i loved the oompa-loompas and the songs; grabbing the soundtrack as we speak. and soon after that, ringtone modifications!

i’ve been at the acm for the past two days, manning my company’s booth. i was supposed to be the subject matter expert on the hr system we use, but we weren’t really selling anything so we rarely had visitors. spent the time rounding the area picking up a few freebies along the way. the usual paper bags and pens though, as i didn’t have the courage to participate in the more crowd-pulling events. the DiGi booth had a challenge to build a Jenga tower 34″ tall to win a 34″ plasma tv. :O i only found that out 5 minutes before my stint there ended.

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