14 Sep 2005

irc evolution

14 Sep 2005

while irc technology has progressed to offer conducive chatting environments, there is still a major problem: the human mind. a guy starts a channel. declares himself boss. threatens visitors who don’t follow his every whim.

that’s when it starts. autonomous rule causes hateful reactions, reactions safely curbed by the tech aforementioned. but the emotions and feelings still remain.

i’ll miss #japan-class on efnet. the malaysian guy in charge complained i was idling too much and didn’t contribute to the ‘liveliness’ of the channel. so i left. there was no real conversation anyways. just questions and answers. whatever chatter that happened was mostly high-level anyway, too much for learners to pick up without constant dictionary browsing. if that’s what he wanted me to do, then no thanks. i’m a passive learner, picking up from questions others ask. to pursue my nihon-go studies actively would kill my work and play time, which i currently cherish the most. well… the latter at least.

to force me to change my ways is unacceptable. so goodbye Hideki. goodbye pikey. i’ll just resume my mandarin lessons for now. gotta poke zoe to get a replacement teacher… or a refund. oh han dan.. where art thou?

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  1. pikey September 15th, 2005 9:42AM

    well… frankly, i never follow them into efnet cos that that channel owner is just too stuck-up. He’s more of like showing off this jap skills rather than having the patience to teach in the channel. I’m still sticking to #japan in ircnet for some leisure chatting among the east european ppl and some native japanese. They offer more help than I expected.

  2. bangsar.net September 16th, 2005 12:58AM

    yeah man… what an arse!

    oh well… don’t really have time to pursue my lingual studies anyway… sigh.


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