23 Jan 2006

now, where was i?

23 Jan 2006

been a while hasn’t it? just haven’t found the time to plonk myself in front of my website and start writing. in fact, i have to leave for dinner with my dad in about 15 mins, so i’ll have to make this a quickie.

so… where did i left off… ah yes, the weekend before last. thursday night it was. ate old lemang i did. suffered for 7 days i have. couldn’t sleep through a bad tummy ache, which lasted throughout the week and throughout certain important events. fortunately, my mom provided her special natural remedy of a high fibre fruit diet, and it didn’t get any worse.

let’s just skip the weekend. 😛

i’ve been trying to spend as much time as i can with this 24″ monitor, as i’ve already scheduled for a refund. no matter how nice it is, dell tech support is not willing to go the extra mile for me in my quest for a perfect display (this current one has very bad backlight bleeding) and attributes all my complaints to be within ‘industrial standards’. evidence that our country is trailing behind in both manufacturing quality and customer service. i should’ve heeded those mental alarms when i first saw ‘Made in China’ on the box.

at the same time, with some of my funds released, i can now start on my case-modding project. having borrowed fish’s dad’s work table, i’m now in the midst of acquiring the tools and safety equipment necessary. i’ve even taken out my sistem out of the casing and it’s running on a plastic box next to the computer table. pictures later. 😛 it’s running off a 2nd hand Abit IS7 motherboard which seems to be performing well so far, but evidently it’s the dust on my CPU heatsink that’s been degrading performance. need to get some cans of compressed air for that.

as for things going on at work, i stayed back friday night and sunday afternoon trying to fix some problems other people caused to no avail. well, at least i can try to claim for off-in-lieu again. better do it now before management decides to introduce more dubious policies.

i’m now first sergeant in BF2, and level 31 in WoW. 🙂 it also looks like i won’t be returning my old hard drive after all, since there seems to have been some funny symptoms with my new one. tested my PSU using a digital multimeter i bought for my botched soldering project, and the numbers seem ok. hopefully it was just the motherboard. still waiting for my new cpu cooler before returning my bad RAM.

till next time.

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  1. myuu January 23rd, 2006 11:51PM

    hm.. actually… it seems that the backlight has somehow flattened itself out.

    gotta get a 2nd opinion before they come get the monitor! XD


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