25 Jan 2006


25 Jan 2006

dell called me this morning. the person didn’t seem keen on talking about the refund, and instead talked abt the issues i’m having with the monitor. well, i told her the truth saying that the backlight issue seems to have diminished a bit and she was eager to close the ticket but i didn’t agree to it. i also mentioned the humming problem which surfaces if i have the monitor up and running then entire day, and they had a techie call abt it. the problem did surface a few times, but i didn’t bother monitoring it cuz i thought i’d be sending it back. hopefully i can get it recorded somehow.

need to get second opinions on the backlight and i’ve been looking for my camera charger all over but to no avail. can’t use my sister’s cam either. 🙁 well, we’ll see how it goes.

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