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something’s definitely wrong with me. forced to a diet of non-milk, non-fruit products, otherwise i’ll crap water again. i knew i should’ve stayed home last night instead of having an excellent steamboat dinner with the gang.


hope i recover in time for next week’s steaks. 😀

anyway, this condition i’m in doesn’t seem to be a constant state. the tummy only acts up in the morning, and when it clears i’ll be fine till the next day usually. but it’s scary, and the doctor may have a lead on something bigger. hopefully it’s not too big, but we’ll see what happens in the next few days.

well, my case-modding has been postponed for another week. can’t figure out how to open fish’s workmate. will need to pick up a few small items too from the curve. in the meantime, i need to check with our beloved IRB on my recently-received 2003 tax adjustment (they sure are taking their time), and make an appointment with the aircond service people. monitor’s whine has gone to annoyingly higher levels, and i think the heat is taking its toll. can’t stand the humidity either.

[edit 4:33pm]
in my sullen mood i forgot to mention a few other things. finally got myself to watch Howl’s Moving Castle, a Ghibli production based on the book by Diana Wynne Jones. following Ghibli’s tradition of really nice movies, it is.. well.. really nice! it is however, an adaptation, hence there are some parts that seem rushed or disjointed. but all in all the movie worked well for me as a break from WoW. 😛

i also caught The Longest Yard, which is another nice one, and soon i’ll be able to watch Fullmetal Alchemist the movie. yay!


nando’s flaming hot peri-peri for lunch +
tempeyek (those yummy cracker-like treats with peanuts on top) for tea +
apartment cafe’s penang fried kuew teow for dinner


vomit +
liquid shit

so i was home for the better part of the afternoon yesterday. slept through most of it.

was hoping to get on WoW for a quickie to chat someone up, but my realm was down for ‘urgent maintenance’. five hours after it came up, another 6 hours of downtime for ‘scheduled maintenance’.

so… when exactly do we get to play? 🙁

anyways, my health hasn’t been in good order lately. gotta see how i can seamlessly put in some healthy things into my life without breaking my yearning for the stuff i love.

for exercise, i’ll walk up the road from plaza pantai to menara telekom each morning. upon returning home, i’ll walk up the stairs to my apartment.

for cleanliness, i just gotta take an hour off after work to arrange my belongings and get in touch with the world.

that should be sufficient for now.

sunday is WoW day

don’t count on me leaving this room very soon. 😀

‘cept maybe to eat and bathe.

over the week i’ve lowered my cpu fan speed a few hundred RPM, making me worried when WoW crashed on me. hasn’t happened in a while, so it might just be evil Blizzard screwing with me. last night’s incident though was neither caused by my experiments or Blizzard’s general disregard for customer service.

it was closer to home. it was… TMnet!

here i was, roaming the distant Plaguelands, avoiding monsters and demons that i could never have beaten. i end up in the Ruins of Andorhal, a seemingly cosy countryside village now haunted by skeletons and ghouls. halfway through, the monsters didn’t seem to care about my presence, and i thought i was scot-free! i keep on moving, to reach the Scarlet Monastery where my party was waiting for me. but something was weird… all the way up never did i meet a single player, or a monster, or a friend NPC. felt like i was detached from the world itself.

then i get disconnected. and this continues a few more times till i realised that the international links were down and i could no longer connect.

looking at the time of the incident, it seemed that the downtime was scheduled somehow. seems just too convenient for a downtime to happen when most of the general population was asleep (it was about 3am). yet TMnet never sent out a notice, nor did they send out any apology for the downtime.

now that’s government service!

anyway, it’s about time i stopped purchasing unnecessary things and start saving for certain holiday seasons this year. target is Australia. so yesterday my family and i went to the Curve for some lunch and shopping. it would be the last shopping spree for me, hopefully. 😛 so i finally got my pair of gloves from the larger Ace branch. Leather Driver gloves intended for light construction. finally, something closer to my size. the male medium size were a bit too large still, so i just went what the heck and got myself the women’s size. no difference at all between them, ‘cept that they fit my skinny fingers better and were light blue.

at least they weren’t pink, or had polka dots.

so i’m probably going to start making holes in my puter next weekend. gotta start planning the work.

at the same time, got myself a new showerhead to try. the existing ones were getting rusty. didn’t have any clue of the actual Gallons Per Minute (GPM) effect, so i picked up a 1.5GPM water saver one. picked up some teflon sealing tape too, but my shower mount threads were so short that it would be a little too tough to put on.

this one definitely saves water, but i miss the pressure from the old showerhead. let’s see if my sister agrees when she gets back from sailing later today. 😛 anyway, the success of this showerhead being able to fit will let us start looking at new showerheads for the other bathrooms. probably get those fancy multi-mode ones.

it’s the start of another DIY frenzy. hope i won’t have to spend for this one though. 😛

another update about nothing in particular

Lee Kee Choong! 😀

an excerpt from a current conversation with my sister:-

myuu says:
should we buy a scumbuster?
kittenz says:
what’s that?
myuu says:
it’s like a dustbuster, but for scum.
kittenz says:
we have scum?
kittenz says:
what exactly is scum? =D
myuu says:
the stuff that’s stuck on our bathroom walls
kittenz says:
ooooh… how much is it?
myuu says:
slightly less than 300 i think
kittenz says:
myuu says:
myuu says:
btw, does the hardbrush work?
kittenz says:
i like it… haven’t tried it on the walls, but i used it for the back of the doors
myuu says:
oo okie.. we’ll try that on the walls first
myuu says:
if doesn’t work, we get the hard version
myuu says:
if that doesn’t work either, we get.. the scumbuster!!!
kittenz says:
lol, ok

yeah, we have issues with our bathroom cleanliness. now that the apartment could be mine, i gotta start fixing things up.

i’ve been playing so much WoW that my mom has started getting annoyed. hmmm. it’s not that the gameplay itself keeps me at the puter, it’s actually something else altogether. i’ll give you the details if it turns out for the better.

i’m so messed up. i’m actually hard at work through lunch time.

i knew i shouldn’t have eaten that muruku the way i eat rice. but i couldn’t help it, my throat’s much better now, and it sucked not having spicy food for weeks.

i like food. :D~~

and i’m sorry to the other people whose smses i didn’t respond to, or whose invitations to leave the house i have declined. not that i’m anti social or anything.. it’s just that… society has so many channels to communicate on! we’re being swamped i tell you! whee! even my genius mind can’t take the traffic! did i just say that? yes! omg! i’m going mad.

it’s been good to my wallet too, this staying in. seem to have a lot left over from my last pay. but then again, i haven’t looked at my recent credit card bills. speaking of which… i think i’m overdue for hsbc. 🙁

recent splurges:-
– TOY! rotary tool + accessories. 🙂 rm500
– OLD CAR! leaky gasket and radiator pipes. rm500
– PRESSIE! fix ayin’s T1. rm140

and i’m still paying my 12-month installment on the monitor. mmmm.. i like my monitor. maybe i should’ve gotten the 30″. yea, i’ll get that for my AMD 64 X2 rig. 😀

and there are people on selling 42″ plasma TVs for 8500! philips! that’s too much man! how do you expect people to save when there are things going for such nice prices? argh…

still waiting for the age where money is irrelevant and robots do the work.

Ode to our IT Tech Support!!

I was having dinner with Rudy & Merv one night when Merv receivd another call for help to fix some IT problem. We realise since that Merv have done this so much, he shoud have his very own theme song and thus without much further ado, introducing our very own original (somewhat :P) song called “Lee Kee Choong”. PS comments and feedback are welcome 🙂

Note: Sung to the tune of Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.

“Lee Kee Choong!

If there’s something strange in the old notebook
Who you gonna call?
Lee Kee Choong!
If there’s something wrong and it just won’t boot
Who you gonna call?
Lee Kee Choong!

I ain’t afraid of no code
I ain’t afraid of no code

If you’re seeing things running through your screen
Who can you call?
Lee Kee Choong!
An invisible code running in your com
Oh, who you gonna call?
Lee Kee Choong!

I ain’t afraid of no code
I ain’t afraid of no code

Who you gonna call?
Lee Kee Choong!
If you really dont know, pick up the phone
And call
Lee Kee Choong!

I ain’t afraid of no code
I hear it likes Windows
I ain’t afraid of no code
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Who you gonna call?
Lee Kee Choong!
If you’ve had a dose of a blue screen woes
You’d better call
Lee Kee Choong!

Let me tell you something
Fixin’ makes Merv feel good

I ain’t afraid of no code
I ain’t afraid of no code

Don’t get caught unknown, oh no
Lee Kee Choong!
When it comes through your port
Unless you just want some more
I think you better call
Lee Kee Choong!

Who you gonna call
Lee Kee Choong!
{Repeat to fade} “

my new year’s resolutions is…

1920×1200 😀

[mosfet]s. [pwm]. the hidden key to overclocking stability. these are a bunch of chips that regulate voltage to the processor, and are usually hooked in around the cpu socket. their temperatures can go as high as 120 C before burning out, but in my case things go crappy as soon as they hit 70.

if only i knew about these when i had my first motherboard. 😛

anyway, happy chinese new year to all.